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MILLER BUILT established in 1992 by Dennis Miller has been proudly providing custom cabinetry and furniture for residential and commercial applications in Overland Park and Kansas City Metro area making an impact on hundreds of homes over the past 30 years.

In March 2021, Dennis retired from his career as an artisan craftsman, and bestowed his duties on to his protegee Zachary Jones who carries on his legacy of quality manufacturing and design. Thus, the creation of MILLER BUILT LEGACY


Zachary is a Kansas native, with a passion for building and design. He studied illustration and graphic design where is interest in design and craftmanship developed through his experience at the Kansas City Art Institute earning his BFA in 2013. 

After earning his degree, he worked for 5 years for an artisan home builder in the Kansas City area where he developed his passion for home building and designing interior spaces.

This desire for tangible creation inspired him to pursue a career as a finish carpenter where he was introduced to Dennis in 2018 working with Dennis on various occasions.  After expressing interest in Dennis' work, Zac petitioned Dennis for an opportunity to learn his trade in 2019.

After an apprenticeship for several years, Dennis expressed his desire for retirement and the golf course. In 2021, Zachary took over Miller Built as the owner and proceeds Dennis' legacy of artisan craftmanship.

Design and Build

Working with an artisan craftsman means you have one person who handles every aspect from design to build.


"You are only limited by two things, your budget and my imagination - and I have a great imagination"

Dennis Miller

DENNIS' Journey

My goal is to craft unique environments for people's homes.  My journey started at Emporia State in the Theater Department.  I have a Master's in Set and Light Design from Southern Methodist University.  After teaching and living on the West coast in Portland and LA doing Trade Show Exhibits, I moved back home to KC to raise my two children in the house I grew up in.  I wanted to create more permanence in my life and in my work, which lead to furniture and cabinet-making. 


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